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Category BE

A category B vehicle with a trailer or semi-trailer, the maximum authorised mass of which does not exceed 3500 kg.

  • Category BE licence can only be obtained by drivers holding a category B licence.
  • Theoretical training - 15 academic hours (45 min)
  • Practical training - at least 8 academic hours (45 min)

Theoretical training

  • Before starting your training, you will be registered in the training group and the CSDD database
  • The theoretical training consists of 3 lessons (15 academic hours), according to a set schedule, in the form of lectures.
  • We organise a first aid training course. After finishing the course, you will receive a first aid certificate that will be valid for 5 years. If you already hold a valid first aid certificate, it is not necessary to complete the course again
  • A theory test prepared by the driving school is not necessary.
  • A CSDD theory test is not necessary.

Practical training

  • It is not necessary to obtain the learner’s permit before the start of practical training. The categories obtained previously will serve as a permit to start training.
  • Make sure that your doctor has included category BE on the register. If it is not included, you will have to complete another medical exam. Your doctor will add the information about your medical exam to the CSDD database online.
  • The minimum amount of practical training depends on the level of your driving skill, but it cannot be less than 8 lessons of 45 minutes.
  • The schedule and process of your driving lessons will be individually decided on between you and your driving instructor.
  • After obtaining a sufficient level of practical knowledge, you will be able to take the driving test at CSDD.


  • Theoretical lessons (3 lessons)
  • VAT
  • Registration in the training group
  • Registration at CSDD 
  • Provision of a training vehicle
  • VAT
  • The minimum amount of driving lessons is 8 x 45 min
  • VAT
  • Driving exam - 47,12 €
  • Driver’s licence - 22,05 €

Next available groups

Holiday- 16.10.21 (LV) Apply

October 16th

The duration of training - 2 weeks (3 lessons)


1. Lesson - October 16th 14:00-18:05

2. Lesson - October 17th 14:00-18:05

3. Lesson - October 23rd 14:00-18:05

*Theoretical lessons in Latvian

Evening - 25.10.21 (LV) Apply

October 25th

The duration of training - 2 weeks (3 lessons)


1. Lesson - October 25th 18:00-22:05

2. Lesson - October 27th 18:00-22:05

3. Lesson - October 29th 18:00-22:05

*Theoretical lessons in Latvian