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Driving school and driving courses in Riga

When choosing a driving school in Riga, prospective drivers have to choose from a relatively wide range of driving schools. How do I make the right choice so that the chosen driving courses provide what I expect and truly teach me to feel safe and confident on the road? First of all, get acquainted with the driving school training offer – whether the chosen driving school offers the courses of the category you need. In addition, careful attention must be paid to the format of the theoretical training and the driving school fleet. The same applies to the driving school vehicle fleet – every student prefers new cars that are identical to the cars used in CSDD exams. Second, pay attention to driving school CSDD exam statistics. Low CSDD statistics certainly would not indicate the high quality of training! Finally, nothing describes a driving school better than its students – check out the reviews on the driving school's website, social network profiles or survey friends and acquaintances to learn more about the driving school's services and instructors.

Driving school "Einšteins" in Riga

Driving school "Einšteins" is the most modern and fastest growing driving school not only in Riga, but also in the whole of Latvia. The driving school "Einšteins" in Riga provides driver's training in licence categories AM, A,  A1, A2,  B, BE, C, CE, D1 (D) – and train drivers for acquisition of the professional Code No. 95 licence. Since 2020, prospective drivers have been provided with the opportunity to take the theoretical course online. Now the training is back with in-class presence, but already in 2022 we will offer the opportunity to obtain a driver's licence on a modern e-learning platform, which will provide an opportunity to learn theoretical training at any time convenient for you and from anywhere in the world!

We, driving school "Einšteins", differ from other driving schools in Riga and Latvia by the desire to innovate and develop the training process of driving schools. We are currently working on a unique electronic platform where our students will be able meet with their instructors. Thus, we take care not only of convenient service and organization of the study process, but also of transparency and representation of students' interests. This platform – with the ability to follow the training process and individual progress online – motivates the student to obtain driver's licence faster, reducing the total costs.

The Riga branch of the driving school was opened in 2016, providing an opportunity for the future drivers of Riga and greater Riga region to learn driving skills in a truly modern driving school. Today, the services of the driving school "Einšteins" are available throughout entire Latvia, and the training process can be started and completed in different cities. Driving school "Einšteins" is not only the largest driving school in Latvia in terms of the number of students, but also the leading driving school in Latvia in terms of theoretical and practical training according to the CSDD statistics!

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Frequently asked questions - driving school in Riga

The driving school "Einšteins" branch in Riga provides driver's training in licence categories AM, A,  A1, A2,  B, BE, C, CE, D1 (D) – and train drivers for acquisition of the  professional Code No. 95 licence.

Students can apply for training at the Riga branch on our website by filling in the training application form.

Currently, driving school "Einšteins" offers all licence categories within a theoretical training process which takes place on site (at our premises). However, from 2022, we will offer future drivers a modern training – e-learning theoretical course at a time convenient for them from anywhere in the world!

If you want to know the costs of acquiring a specific category of driver's licence, you can easily and accurately calculate it using our training cost calculator!

Driving school "Einšteins" has renewed the full-time training of theoretical courses at our premises.

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