Category BE

Category BE or driver's licence for towing a trailer – for driving a Category B motorised vehicle while towing a trailer the fully laden weight of which is up to 3500 kg. In order to obtain Category BE driver's licence, the person is required to hold Category B driver's licence – and acquire the theoretical and practical training at the driving school and pass the exam at Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD). Apply for your licence Category BE training at the driving school "Einšteins" today!

Category BE

Training course for Category BE driver's licence

The purpose of Category BE training is to prepare Category B drivers for road traffic with a semi-trailer or trailer with a maximum fully laden mass not exceeding 3500 kg. The main reason for obtaining Category BE licence is the need to engage in road traffic with a trailer or semi-trailer that exceeds the limits set for Category B which are as follows:

  •  mass of the towing vehicle does not exceed 3500 kg, trailers mass – 750 kg;
  • mass of the towing vehicle does not exceed 2750 kg, the trailers mass exceeds 750 kg, total mass of the combination does not exceed 3500 kg.

Driving school "Einšteins" offers Category BE training courses – theoretical and practical training – in 10 largest driving school branches, accompanied by the best teachers and instructors in Latvia. At present, the theoretical training of the Category BE takes place in person according to our determined lecture schedule. Driving training is carried out according to an individual training schedule both in the technical figure field – and in real life road traffic. 

Acquiring Category BE driver's licence

Obtaining a Category BE or trailer licence requires not only a valid Category B driver's licence, but also theoretical training in road traffic regulations and practical driving training in correspondence with the chosen category. At the end of the driving school training, the applicant only has to take the driving test at Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD).

Theoretical training for Licence category BE

  • Prior to starting the training for licence Category BE at the driving school, you will be registered in the training group and in the database held by Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD).
  • Theoretical training course for licence Category BE takes a total of 3 lectures (15 academic lessons) as per a pre-determined schedule.
  • We also organise the training courses for first medical aid. Upon completion of the course, a certificate will be issued that will be valid for 5 years. In the event you already hold such a certificate, repeated attendance of the training will not be required.
  • Taking a theoretical Category BE exam at the driving school is not required.
  • Taking the official "state" theoretical Category BE exam at the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) is not required.

Practical training (driving) for Licence category BE

  • Prior to embarking on the practical (driving) training of Category BE, the student is in this case not required to visit CSDD in order to receive the training driver's licence (so-called "white" driver's licence). The driver's licence of Category B acquired beforehand will function as the permit for starting the learning process of driving.
  • Pay attention to whether your medical specialist has also included category BE as one of the valid types of vehicles in the registry of CSDD. Otherwise, a repeated medical examination by the general practitioner will be required in order to enter the information electronically in the CSDD database.
  • The number of Category BE driving lessons will depend on the student's level of practical skills, but not less than 8 lessons (each 45 minutes).
  • The training course and schedule of Category BE driving lessons is planned online on the electronic student platform of the driving school "Einšteins".
  • Once the level of practical knowledge is sufficient, you will be assigned to the Category BE driving exam at the CSDD.
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Frequently asked questions – category BE

Category BE is the driver's licence category allowing to drive a motor vehicle in Category B with a trailer or semi-trailer having a maximum mass not exceeding 3500 kg.

Category BE courses consist of both theoretical and practical training (driving lessons). Theoretical training at the driving school lasts from 1 to 2 weeks, while the minimum number of driving lessons is 8 hours (each 45 minutes).

Unlike most other licence categories, there is no specific age limit for category BE: licence for towing a trailer can be obtained from the age of 18. However, the person wishing to obtain a Category BE driver's licence, must hold a valid Category B licence.

To find out the cost of acquiring a Category BE driver's licence, use our price calculator, which will accurately calculate the planned costs for both the driving school costs and the CSDD and other additional costs.

In order to obtain the Category BE licence, the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) does not require taking a theory exam, but it is necessary to take a driving exam (i.e., exam in practical skills and abilities). To be eligible for the driving test, the applicant must hold a valid medical certificate and a certificate of completion of the first aid course.

Is it required to hold a Category B driver's licence in order to obtain Category BE licence.

Category BE licence may be used to tow a trailer with a maximum mass not exceeding 3,5 tonnes and a maximum mass of the combination (towing vehicle and trailer) can not exceeding 7 tonnes. With the Category BE licence, drivers are allowed to tow a variety of goods: caravans, boats, motorcycles. In addition to that – both trailers with one and two axles can be towed.

After completion of the training course in theoretical knowledge, the applicant is not required to take theoretical exam at the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) for this category of driver's licence.

3 technical figures are learned in attending practical training for Category BE driver's licence – which then are to be completed during the driving exam at CSDD:

1.     connecting the towing vehicle and the trailer;

2.     disconnecting the towing vehicle from the trailer;

3.     entering (driving into) a gate with specific determined dimensions.