Licence category A is a motorcycle driver's licence which allows one to ride a two-wheel motor vehicle with the engine displacement of 50 cm3 or more and a maximum speed exceeding 45 km/h. More specifically, Category A allows one to ride any motorcycle without restrictions on engine displacement or maximum speed.

Categories A1 and A2 are subcategories or motorcycle driver's licences that are suitable for driving motorcycles with certain restrictions:

Category A1: motorcycle engine with power not exceeding 11 kW, engine displacement not exceeding 125 cm3 and the maximum speed not exceeding 90 km/h.

Category A2: Motorcycle engine with power not exceeding 35 kW, engine displacement not exceeding 395 cm3 and the power to weight ratio not exceeding 0.2 kW/kg.

Indeed, the driving school "Einšteins" offers to obtain Licence category A from its branches all over Latvia under the guidance of the best teachers and instructors. We also offer Category A2 theoretical and practical training, as well as A1 theoretical training within the AM category courses.

Yamaha and Kawasaki motorcycle models are used by the driving school "Einšteins" for Category A driving lessons, the identical type of motorcycles used by the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) for Category A driving exams.  

An age limit is in place for acquiring Category A driver's licence. Theoretical training by the motorcyclists can be started from the age of 22, but the driving exam at Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) can be taken from the age of 24. However, a valid exception is regulated by law – Category A can also be obtained after reaching 2 years of experience driving a Category A2 motorcycle.

The price of Category A driver's licence consists of both theoretical and practical training expenses and various additional expenses – fees at CSDD, medical examination costs. Use our Licence category A price calculator to find out the approximate cost of acquiring motorcycle driver's licence!

In order to obtain a motorcycle driver's licence, one must take both the CSDD Category A theoretical exam and the Category A practical (driving) exam. The Category A theory exam at CSDD is passed with 3 or less errors in 30 theory questions, while the driving exam tests the skills of driving a motorcycle in the performance of figures and in real road traffic.

Licence of category A can be obtained in two ways – with or without a Category B driver's licence. If the student wants to implement the training process, which is indicated on our website, then Category B is mandatory. On the other hand, if the student doesn't already hold a Category B licence, then Category A can be acquired through a longer training path – 12 theory lessons and 20 driving lessons.

Yes, in order to obtain a Category A driver's licence, one must take both the school theory exam and the CSDD theory exam. Only after successfully passing the school theory exam can a student apply for the CSDD theoretical exam.

In order to participate in driving lessons and CSDD driving exam, the following motorcycle driver's equipment is required: motorcycle helmet, gloves, jacket, shoes and pants.

Category A theoretical training is offered throughout the entire year, but driving instruction can be taken during the season from April 1 to October 1.

Driving school "Einšteins" provides both theoretical and practical training in Category AM. 

Category AM is a driver's licence for a moped or scooter intended for driving two-, three-wheeled, or four-wheeled, motorised vehicles.  

That's right – a driver holding category AM driver's licence is allowed to drive both mopeds and scooters with the maximum engine displacement of 50 cm3 and the maximum speed of 45 km/h.

Indeed, the student will simply be required to pick an instructor, fill in the application in our online platform and embark on the training process at any convenient time.

In order to acquire moped driver's licence, one must take – and, of course, pass – both the theoretical exam, as well as practical (driving) exam at the CSDD. The driver's licence test for moped required by CSDD is taken online, whereas the practical (driving) exam is taken in real-life traffic.

Category AM (scooter) driver's licence can be acquired from the early age of 14. An important aspect is that Category AM driver's licence will at a later stage function as training driver's licence (permit to drive a vehicle for training purposes or the so-called "white" driver's licence) when the student will acquire Category B licence.

When acquiring moped driving skills at our driving school, the student is provided with a moped.

The price of Category AM driver's licence consists of the costs of both theoretical and practical training. A medical certificate is also required to obtain the moped driver's licence. Use our Licence category AM price calculator to find out the approximate cost of acquiring moped driver's licence!

In order to embark on the scooter or moped driving lessons, one shall hold the training driver's licence (so-called "white" or learning driver's licence). The said document can be received in all branches of Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD). 

Negative, acquiring of moped and scooter driver's licence will not require a valid first aid certificate.

Iestāties autoskolā iesakām ne ātrāk kā 3-4 mēnešus pirms paliek 18 gadu. Tiem, kas mācības uzsāk ātrāk, pastāv risks, ka teorijas zināšanas piemirsīsies un teorijas kursu nāksies klausīties atkārtoti, jo CSDD teorijas eksāmenu var kārtot ne ātrāk, kā savā 18. dzimšanas dienā.

Category B is a driver's licence which entitles its holder to drive a vehicle with a maximum mass not exceeding 3500 kg and a maximum passenger capacity of 8 seats.

Distance or e-learning for Category B is a theoretical training course that any future driver can take at driving school "Einšteins" without attending face-to-face classes. The theoretical course of e-learning also lasts 55 academic lessons, but the training on the training platform can be acquired without a limitation of fixed lecture schedule.

The time required to obtain a Category B licence depends on the skills and abilities of each prospective driver. Some learners can do it in 2 months – others need more time. It all depends on how you plan your schedule and attend classes. 

The price of a Category B licence will depend on how quickly you learn to drive. To find out the approximate cost of training, use our calculator, which will give you the most accurate insight into costs for theoretical and practical training, as well as costs related to CSDD and other additional expenses.

Covid-19 globālās pandēmijas ierobežojumu dēļ klātienes apmācības ir apturētas uz nenoteiktu laiku. Taču, ierobežojumiem mainoties, autoskolas Einšteins Rīgas filiāle turpinās piedāvāt teorētisko apmācību kursus arī klātienē.

To find out the cost of acquiring a Category BE driver's licence, use our price calculator, which will accurately calculate the planned costs for both the driving school costs and the CSDD and other additional costs.

Unlike most other licence categories, there is no specific age limit for category BE: licence for towing a trailer can be obtained from the age of 18. However, the person wishing to obtain a Category BE driver's licence, must hold a valid Category B licence.

Category BE is the driver's licence category allowing to drive a motor vehicle in Category B with a trailer or semi-trailer having a maximum mass not exceeding 3500 kg.

Category BE courses consist of both theoretical and practical training (driving lessons). Theoretical training at the driving school lasts from 1 to 2 weeks, while the minimum number of driving lessons is 8 hours (each 45 minutes).

In order to obtain the Category BE licence, the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) does not require taking a theory exam, but it is necessary to take a driving exam (i.e., exam in practical skills and abilities). To be eligible for the driving test, the applicant must hold a valid medical certificate and a certificate of completion of the first aid course.

Is it required to hold a Category B driver's licence in order to obtain Category BE licence.

Category BE licence may be used to tow a trailer with a maximum mass not exceeding 3,5 tonnes and a maximum mass of the combination (towing vehicle and trailer) can not exceeding 7 tonnes. With the Category BE licence, drivers are allowed to tow a variety of goods: caravans, boats, motorcycles. In addition to that – both trailers with one and two axles can be towed.

After completion of the training course in theoretical knowledge, the applicant is not required to take theoretical exam at the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) for this category of driver's licence.

3 technical figures are learned in attending practical training for Category BE driver's licence – which then are to be completed during the driving exam at CSDD:

1.     connecting the towing vehicle and the trailer;

2.     disconnecting the towing vehicle from the trailer;

3.     entering (driving into) a gate with specific determined dimensions.

Category C is a truck/lorry driver's licence which authorizes the driving of a motor vehicle with a maximum mass exceeding 3500 kg which does not fall within Category D. A Category C licence also permits to drive a towing vehicle of that category with a trailer having a maximum permitted mass not exceeding 750 kg.

Driving school "Einšteins" offers Category C driver courses and practical training in its branches all over Latvia!

Category C theoretical training lasts 10 lessons, which are planned for a period of 3.5 weeks. The minimum amount of practical training is 20 lessons (each 45 minutes). If it is necessary to obtain a driver's licence on a short notice, then by attending regular practical training, it is possible to do so within 5 weeks!

Use our licence Category C price calculator to find out the cost of acquiring truck driver's licence! This will give you the most accurate insight into costs for driving school training, as well as CSDD and other additional costs.

Use our online registration form to apply for Category C driving lessons at driving school "Einšteins". After completing the registration form, our client consultants will contact you to conclude the training agreement. Bear in mind that you can also follow the progress of the training and planning the practical training online on the electronic platform of driving school "Einšteins"!

Jā, CE kategorijas vadītāja apliecību var iegūt reizē ar C kategoriju.

In order to carry out commercial transport, a professional Category C with additional Code No. 95 certificate must be obtained.

When training for Category C applicants can also obtain a Category D1 driver's licence.

Is it required to hold a valid Category B driver's licence in order to obtain Category C licence.

Category CE driver's licence permits its holder to drive a truck/lorry with a trailer and allowing him or her to use a Category C towing vehicle with a trailer in road traffic, such trailer not exceeding the fully laden mass of 750 kg.

Driving school "Einšteins" does indeed offer acquisition of Category CE driver's licence. Theoretical training in the Category CE is currently available online, while driving training is organized in our branches throughout Latvia.

To obtain a Category CE, an applicant must first hold a Category C driver's licence. Secondly, the applicant must complete the theoretical and practical training of the Category CE in a driving school, as well as pass the practical (driving) test at the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD).

Use the cost calculator of driving school "Einšteins" to find out the exact price of your Category CE driver's licence. This will show you not only the exact cost of theory and practical training, but also the cost of additional services – expenses at the CSDD.

Category CE driving exam can be taken at the following branches of the CSDD: Riga, Daugavpils, Gulbene, Jelgava, Jekabpils, Liepaja, Rezekne, Talsi, Valmiera and Ventspils.

Category CE practical training is carried out with a trailer.

After completion of the training course in theoretical knowledge, the applicant is not required to take exam at the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) for Category CE driver's licence. 

Indeed – when obtaining Category CE driver's licence, the driver shall be entitled to driver also vehicles belonging to Categories BE and DE.

The costs of obtaining Category D licence include both payments to the driving school for theoretical and practical training and other additional expenses, such as CSDD fees and medical commission (if necessary). If you want to know the exact costs, use our Category D price calculator! 

Category D driver's licence gives the right to drive a bus or coach with the ability to drive vehicles with more than 8 seats. A Category C licence also permits to drive a towing vehicle of this category with a trailer having a maximum permitted mass not exceeding 750 kg.

Driving school "Einšteins" does offer Category D training in order to obtain bus driver's licence. Currently, Category D theory training is offered in the Riga and Valmiera branches of the driving school.

Yes, there is an age limit for obtaining Category D driver's licence – the CSDD exam can be taken and the bus driver's licence can be obtained from the age of 24. Also, in order to carry out commercial passenger transport, the bus driver must obtain a Code No. 95 certificate.

Indeed – a Category D driver's licence obtained in Latvia is valid for passenger transport throughout the entire European Union. However, for commercial transport in the European Union, a bus driver must obtain a Code No. 95 certificate.

Negative – Category D driver's licence can only be obtained once the applicant already holds a valid driver's licence of Category C1, C or D1.

When the Category D training is taken within one year from passing the Category D1 examination, theoretical exams at the driving school and the CSDD are not require. 

Yes, a Code No. 95 certificate is required to carry out passenger transport. 

Code No. 95 is licence or certificate of professional drivers enabling vehicle operators to carry out cargo and passenger transport.

In order to renew the Code No. 95 driver's licence, the driver is required to take training course of Code No. 95 once every 5 years. The training is offered by the leading driving schools throughout the country. At the end of training, the driver is issued the renewed professional category licence.

Training course for Code No. 95 licence is a theoretical training bundle consisting of 35 lessons (each of which is 45 minutes in length) developed for once every 5 year renewal of professional skills and know-how required for qualified driver's category.

No, drivers are not required to take the CSDD or "state" exam after finalising their training for Code No. 95 licence.

Yes, the Code No. 95 licence acquired in Latvia will be valid for commercial transportation of goods and passengers in the entire EU. 

Yes, definitely. Initial training for Code No. 95 is implemented as a part of basic training for the respective licence category. Consequently, when acquiring training course necessary for category C or D, the driver will have the opportunity to acquire Code No. 95 licence as well, when passing exams for professional skills at the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD).

Driving school "Einšteins" can indeed offer periodical training for Code No. 95 – thus giving drivers of licence categories D1, D1E, D, DE and C1, C1E, C, CE the opportunity to renew their professional licence once every 5 years. Training for Code No. 95 licence at the driving school "Einšteins" takes place in evening and weekend groups.

Length of the period required to renew Code No. 95 licence depends of the training schedule offered by the driving school. Periodical training for Code No. 95 at the driving school "Einšteins" lasts for 5 lectures. These are acquired, in accordance with a pre-determined lesson plan, in a period of two weeks. 

Use our price calculator to find out the exact price for training of Code No. 95 at the driving school "Einšteins"! This way you will be able to estimate exact costs related to training for Code No. 95 licence.

Similarly to other licence categories, the Code No. 95 is marked on the driver's licence. Thus, after end of the training course, the driver will be required to visit Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) and require renewed issue of his/her driver's licence.

In order to receive the mark of Code No. 95 in the driver's licence, the person can visit Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) starting from the next day after end of the training course.

For the recently acquired Code No. 95 licence not to be cancelled, replacement of driver's licence at the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) must take place within 6 months after end of the training course.

When starting the training for Code No. 95, access to training materials of Code No. 95 is ensured by the training staff (instructor). Contact your instructor or driving school where you started the training for Code No. 95 licence in order to gain access to questions and answers related to licence of Code No. 95.

 The training course can indeed be taken before time of expiry. Deadline of the new licence is determined from the date you replace the driver's licence.

First aid is a set of actions taken to save lives in the event of an accident. First aid can be provided by anyone to prevent danger to the victim's health or life until the arrival of medical assistance.

First aid training courses are a training program that provides theoretical and practical knowledge of providing assistance to accident victims.

First aid courses and a valid training certificate are mandatory requirements for obtaining any category of driver's licence. During the training course, drivers are trained to provide first aid to victims of accidents.

First aid certificate is valid for 5 years. After the end of the certificate's validity period, drivers must re-learn the course program in order to obtain an additional category.

Jā, autoskola Einšteins piedāvā pirmās palīdzības kursus online. Ikviens interesents var apgūt Pirmās palīdzības kursu teorētisko daļu sev izdevīgā laikā!

The drivers' medical commission is a commission formed by your general practitioner (also referred to as the "family doctor") or doctors – specialists who assess the health condition of an existing or future driver and issue a medical certificate required for driving a vehicle in road traffic.

A medical certificate is an opinion of the aforementioned medical commission, which is placed in a registry operated by the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) which confirms that a person's state of health is suitable for driving a vehicle.

The medical certificate is no longer being issued as a paper document. Within two days after the medical examination, the general practitioner ("family doctor") or medical commission shall make an entry in the CSDD database.

In order to start practical training (driving lessons), the prospective driver is required to hold a valid medical certificate. In addition to that, if a person plans to receive the permit to learn driving a vehicle (the training driver's licence or the so-called "white" driver's licence) before he or she starts attending a driving school, holding a valid medical certificate will also be required.

The validity term of medical certificate for vehicle categories AM, A1, A, B1, B and BE is 10 years, whereas for vehicle categories C1, C, D1, D, C1E, CE, D1E and DE the term is 5 years.

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