Category C

Category C is driver's licence required to operate a motorised vehicle with the maximum fully laden mass exceeding 3500 kg and not included in Category D, as well as road trains, including a towing vehicle and a trailer within this category, with the trailer having a fully laden maximum mass not exceeding 750 kg. Category C training can be started from the age of 19, while examinations and the acquisition of a truck licence are possible from the age of 21. Take the opportunity to improve your professional qualifications with Category C driver's licence! Apply for training today and take the opportunity to get a Category C licence in 5 weeks.

Category C

Category C driver's licence

Category C driver's licence allows participation in road traffic when driving goods transportation vehicles. Just as with driver's licences of other categories, there are age restrictions on the acquisition of Category C licence. Theoretical and practical training of Category C can be started from the age of 19, however, CSDD examinations for obtaining the category can be taken only upon reaching the age of 21. Category C is probably the most popular category when planning to obtain a driver's licence for a truck or bus. Yet the aspiring student needs to keep in mind that he or she can also acquire driver's licence in Category C1 or C1E for driving a truck or bus. Do you wish to embark on a career in cargo transportation? If so, you will need not Category C driver's licence, but also the professional qualification for commercial transport – Code No. 95 licence.

Category C drivers' training

Category C training courses are a great opportunity to improve your professional qualifications by gaining a truck driver's licence and the opportunity to build a career in the fast-growing freight industry. Driving school "Einšteins" offers anyone interested to obtain Category C driver's licence in one of our driving school branches throughout Latvia. To make it really convenient to obtain a truck driver's licence, use the opportunity to complete theoretical training in just 5 weeks. In turn, as regards practical (driving) training for Category C – we have managed to make it even more accessible and convenient. Do you move around often? Today in Riga – and in Valmiera the next day? This poses no issues. Start and finish your training in any of our branches without any restrictions!

Theoretical training for licence Category C

  • Prior to starting the training for licence Category C at the driving school, you will be registered in the driving school's training group and in the database held by Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD).
  • Theoretical training course for licence Category C takes a total of 10 in person lectures (50 academic lessons) as per a pre-determined schedule.
  • The driving school "Einšteins" holds also the mandatory training courses in first aid. During the training, our students are prepared for the respective theoretical exam at CSDD. Upon completion of the course, a certificate will be issued that will be valid for 5 years. In the event you already hold such a certificate, repeated attendance of the training will not be required.
  • At the end of Category C theoretical course students are required to take the driving school theoretical exam.
  • After successful passing of the driving school's theoretical exam, the Category C theoretical exam must be passed at Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD).

Practical training (driving) for licence Category C

  • Prior to embarking on the practical (driving) training of Category C, the student is in this case not required to visit CSDD in order to receive the training driver's licence (so-called "white" driver's licence). Any previously obtained category licence will serve as a permit to start driving instruction (practical lessons).
  • The number of Category C driving lessons will depend on the student's level of practical skills, but not less than 20 lessons (each 45 minutes).
  • The training course and schedule of Category C driving lessons is planned online on the electronic student platform of the driving school "Einšteins".
  • Once the level of practical knowledge is sufficient, you will be assigned to the Category C exam at the CSDD.
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Frequently asked questions – category C

Category C is a truck/lorry driver's licence which authorizes the driving of a motor vehicle with a maximum mass exceeding 3500 kg which does not fall within Category D. A Category C licence also permits to drive a towing vehicle of that category with a trailer having a maximum permitted mass not exceeding 750 kg.

Driving school "Einšteins" offers Category C driver courses and practical training in its branches all over Latvia!

Category C theoretical training lasts 10 lessons, which are planned for a period of 3.5 weeks. The minimum amount of practical training is 20 lessons (each 45 minutes). If it is necessary to obtain a driver's licence on a short notice, then by attending regular practical training, it is possible to do so within 5 weeks!

Use our licence Category C price calculator to find out the cost of acquiring truck driver's licence! This will give you the most accurate insight into costs for driving school training, as well as CSDD and other additional costs.

Use our online registration form to apply for Category C driving lessons at driving school "Einšteins". After completing the registration form, our client consultants will contact you to conclude the training agreement. Bear in mind that you can also follow the progress of the training and planning the practical training online on the electronic platform of driving school "Einšteins"!

In order to carry out commercial transport, a professional Category C with additional Code No. 95 certificate must be obtained.

When training for Category C applicants can also obtain a Category D1 driver's licence. After passing the CSDD category C theory and driving test, you must apply for the CSDD category D theory exam, for which you must prepare by self-study. After passing it, it is possible to withdraw the driver's license with the obtained C and D1 category.

Initial training of the Code No. 95 is organized together with the acquisition of basic category (Category C) licence at your driving school. After mastering the basic category of theoretical and practical training, the applicant must take the CSDD exams: Category C theoretical exam, Category C professional knowledge theoretical test and Category C professional driving test.

Is it required to hold a valid Category B driver's licence in order to obtain Category C licence.