Drivers' medical commission

Medical commission of vehicle drivers or mandatory medical examination – health examination with the aim to assess the health condition of the driver and the ability to drive a vehicle, in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia Regulations No. 940. The medical examination must be carried out for persons who have begun training at a driving school as well as by those who are renewing their driving licence.

Drivers' medical commission

Medical commission

Drivers need a medical certificate to obtain and renew a driving licence. Medical examinations for medical certificates are divided into initial and regular examinations. The first medical examination is performed at the beginning of driving school, and the regular – before the expiry of the validity of the medical certificate. Both the initial and regular health examinations can be performed at a general practitioner (so-called "family doctor") or in a specially established commission at a medical institution.

Bear in mind that it is forbidden to participate in road traffic without a valid medical certificate. Namely, if the driver does not have a valid medical certificate, the use of the driver's licence is also prohibited. If the driver has violated the rules and participated in road traffic without a valid medical certificate, the driver shall be prohibited from driving until carrying out successful next medical examination.

Validity term of the medical certificate 

The term of validity of the medical certificate is determined by the category of the vehicle and the age of the driver:

1.     For licence categories AM, A1, A, B1, B and BE – 10 years;

2.     For licence categories C1, C, D1, D, C1E, CE, D1E and DE – 5 years;

3.     Beyond the age of 60, the validity of a medical certificate is 3 years for all categories of drivers.

The validity period of your medical certificate can be checked at the CSDD customer service centres or on the website

Price of medical certificate

Obtaining a medical certificate is one of the first tasks for future vehicle drivers. Driving school students most often obtain a medical certificate at the beginning of their theoretical course. This way, the future drivers are already preparing for the start of practical training (driving lessons). The cost of a medical certificate can vary from one treatment facility to another and from one GP practice to another. However, most often the price of the first and repeated medical examination is 55 EUR. If a medical condition is detected during the examination that requires additional examinations, the total cost of the medical examination may increase.

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Frequently asked questions – Drivers' medical commission

The drivers' medical commission is a commission formed by your general practitioner (also referred to as the "family doctor") or doctors – specialists who assess the health condition of an existing or future driver and issue a medical certificate required for driving a vehicle in road traffic.

A medical certificate is an opinion of the aforementioned medical commission, which is placed in a registry operated by the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) which confirms that a person's state of health is suitable for driving a vehicle.

The medical certificate is no longer being issued as a paper document. Within two days after the medical examination, the general practitioner ("family doctor") or medical commission shall make an entry in the CSDD database.

In order to start practical training (driving lessons), the prospective driver is required to hold a valid medical certificate. In addition to that, if a person plans to receive the permit to learn driving a vehicle (the training driver's licence or the so-called "white" driver's licence) before he or she starts attending a driving school, holding a valid medical certificate will also be required.

The validity term of medical certificate for vehicle categories AM, A1, A, B1, B and BE is 10 years, whereas for vehicle categories C1, C, D1, D, C1E, CE, D1E and DE the term is 5 years.