Code 95

Driver's Licence Code No. 95 – training for acquisition of professional driver's licence. Pursuant to provisions of the Directive 2003/59/EC – in order to raise professional driver's qualification and ensure separation of professional drivers' categories within D1, D1E, D, DE or C1, C1E, C, CE vehicle groups, drivers engaged in commercial transport must undergo regular training in skills of so-called Code No. 95 periodically once every five years. The directive applies to EU citizens and third-country nationals who work for companies established in EU Member States and carry out commercial transport services.

Code 95

Code 95 professional driver's licence

Acquisition training of professional driver's licence of Code 95 is held as initial or periodical course. Such a training approach provides an opportunity not only to obtain a professional category with the acquisition of the basic category, but also a possibility to regularly update theoretical knowledge and raise the professional qualification of drivers.

Initial training of Code 95

If you wish to pursue a career in the passenger or freight transport industry, along with the basic category of bus driver or truck driver, you must also obtain the professional driver's licence. Initial training of the Code 95 is organized together with the acquisition of basic category licence at your driving school. After theoretical and practical training for the respective category at the driving school, you will be required to take 3 exams at the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) of the Republic Of Latvia: theoretical exam of the respective category, its professional knowledge theoretical exam and the professional driving exam of the chosen category. After successful passing of the said exams, a remark of valid Code 95 is entered on the driver's licence. The validity deadline of this remark is 5 years.

Periodical training for Code 95

If you are a bus driver (categories D1, D1E, D, DE) or a truck, tractor trailer or commercial vehicle driver (categories C1, C1E, C, CE) and are carrying out commercial transport service on a daily basis, once every 5 years you will be required to renew your professional driver's qualification by taking the training of Code 95. After the theoretical training course of 35 lectures is finalised, a licence of Code 95 is issued which is then valid for 5 years. This licence or certificate allows driver to carry out goods or passenger transportation commercially throughout the European Union.

Code 95

  • Prior to starting the Code No. 95 periodic training at the driving school, you will be registered in the training group and in the database held by Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD).
  • Theoretical training course for Code No. 95 takes a total of 5 lectures (35 academic lessons) as per a pre-determined schedule.
  • At the end of such training, you will be issued the Code No. 95 licence or certificate – the validity period of which is 5 years.
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Frequently asked questions – Code 95

Code No. 95 is licence or certificate of professional drivers enabling vehicle operators to carry out cargo and passenger transport.

In order to renew the Code No. 95 driver's licence, the driver is required to take training course of Code No. 95 once every 5 years. The training is offered by the leading driving schools throughout the country. At the end of training, the driver is issued the renewed professional category licence.

Training course for Code No. 95 licence is a theoretical training bundle consisting of 35 lessons (each of which is 45 minutes in length) developed for once every 5 year renewal of professional skills and know-how required for qualified driver's category.

No, drivers are not required to take the CSDD or "state" exam after finalising their training for Code No. 95 licence.

Yes, the Code No. 95 licence acquired in Latvia will be valid for commercial transportation of goods and passengers in the entire EU. 

Yes, definitely. Initial training for Code No. 95 is implemented as a part of basic training for the respective licence category. Consequently, when acquiring training course necessary for category C or D, the driver will have the opportunity to acquire Code No. 95 licence as well, when passing exams for professional skills at the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD).

Driving school "Einšteins" can indeed offer periodical training for Code No. 95 – thus giving drivers of licence categories D1, D1E, D, DE and C1, C1E, C, CE the opportunity to renew their professional licence once every 5 years. Training for Code No. 95 licence at the driving school "Einšteins" takes place in evening and weekend groups.

Length of the period required to renew Code No. 95 licence depends of the training schedule offered by the driving school. Periodical training for Code No. 95 at the driving school "Einšteins" lasts for 5 lectures. These are acquired, in accordance with a pre-determined lesson plan, in a period of two weeks. 

Use our price calculator to find out the exact price for training of Code No. 95 at the driving school "Einšteins"! This way you will be able to estimate exact costs related to training for Code No. 95 licence.

Similarly to other licence categories, the Code No. 95 is marked on the driver's licence. Thus, after end of the training course, the driver will be required to visit Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) and require renewed issue of his/her driver's licence.

In order to receive the mark of Code No. 95 in the driver's licence, the person can visit Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) starting from the next working day after end of the training course.

For the recently acquired Code No. 95 licence not to be cancelled, replacement of driver's licence at the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) must take place within 6 months after end of the training course.

When starting the training for Code No. 95, access to training materials of Code No. 95 is ensured by the training staff (instructor). Contact your instructor or driving school where you started the training for Code No. 95 licence in order to gain access to questions and answers related to licence of Code No. 95.

 The training course can indeed be taken before time of expiry. Deadline of the new licence is determined from the date you replace the driver's licence.