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Marta Liepkalne

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Marta Liepkalne

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First aid

Theoretical and practical first aid courses for prospective drivers - what to do in an emergency, what are the stages of rescue and how to apply first aid.



  • Theoretical lessons (15 academic hours)
  • Consultations
  • Registration in the training group
  • Certificate
  • VAT

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First Aid Training to our students will be provided online. Please plan at least 6 x 45 min for full Online course on the day.

Practical training will be face to face, after applying individualy (duration - 1 hour).

To get more information about First Aid Training and schedule, please contact our client consultant:
Marta Liepkalne +371 20602050

Weekend - 03.02.22 (ENG) Apply

February 3rd

The duration of training - 2 lessons


1. Lesson (online) - February 3rd 17:00-21:30

2. Lesson (face to face)- February 5th 09:00-15:00