A motorcycle gives you the sense of true freedom - everyone who’s driving one will tell you that. Some are fascinated by the speed and adrenaline, for others it’s just a means of transportation, but for a lot of people, it’s a true passion.

The motorcycle season is not far away. In order to look after both your safety and the safety of other people participating in traffic, it’s good to remember some useful tips.


Before you start driving, make sure that your motorcycle is in good order. Pay special attention to its technical condition, if you haven’t used it at all during the winter (the condition of tyres and their pressure, last year’s fuel, the fuel filter, oil, headlights etc.).


Your equipment (helmet, clothing, gloves, boots) is equally important. It has to be both warm and comfortable to protect from the wind and rain, as well as durable, in order to decrease the risk of injuries in the occasion of crashing. Don’t forget that a motorcycle is relatively small, which makes it harder to spot, therefore, it’s a good idea to pick equipment that’s in bright colours and with light-reflecting parts - it will make you visible night and day, both in sunny weather and when it’s raining.


It has to be taken into consideration that this vehicle only has two wheels, therefore, safety in large parts depends on the experience and common sense of its driver. When participating in traffic with a motorcycle, it’s important to evaluate the condition of the road, the weather conditions, visibility, as well as the intensity of traffic, to pick the right speed, interval and distance. An invaluable skill, that no one can do without, is the ability to predict the possibility of a dangerous situation beforehand and to avoid it. Fast and sharp movements, showing off and recklessness will not be suitable for it. The most important thing is to drive sensibly, to avoid endangering yourself and others and to be able to enjoy the magic of driving a motorcycle.

A reminder for prospective motorcycle drivers - CSDD start accepting driving exams from the 1st of April. Start your training in time, in order to not miss the big opening ride of the new motorcycle season.

You can find the training schedule and prices for Categories A and A2 by following this link: Category A