Learn to drive with Audi A3 and VW GOLF 7

To provide an even higher quality of tutoring, starting from 2017 we have been offering to undergo practical training with four new Audi A3 cars and two VW GOLF 7 that are exactly the same as the CSDD examination cars.

Our goal is to provide a high standard of quality in tutoring for the prospective drivers, while not forgetting that being comfortable is important as well. The training has to be both educational and exciting at the same time. That’s why the Einšteins driving school offers to undergo practical training in Audi A3 and VW GOLF 7 cars, that are equipped with an electronic parking brake and the START/STOP system.

The ELECTRONIC PARKING BRAKE makes it easier to start driving in an upwards direction, not allowing the car to roll backwards. In comparison to the mechanical parking brake, the electronic one allows starting the motion in a smoother way.

The START/STOP system is used during the CSDD exam - when stopping at an intersection and releasing the clutch, the car will turn off the engine by itself, while turning it back on when the clutch is pressed again. Experiencing the START/STOP system for the first time during the exam can cause unnecessary stress, that negatively influences the examination process. Therefore, we recommend trying to drive a car that’s equipped with this system at least once, before you take your exam.

Taking driving lessons with a car that’s exactly the same as the CSDD examination cars, increases the chance of passing the driving exam on the first try!

We offer training with our new cars not only to the students of our driving school, but also to any prospective drivers, who want to strengthen their driving skills.